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how to use hot stamping foil

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(1) The fabrics are hot and hot, and the bronzing paste is placed on the screen printing screen. The surface of the object (such as cloth and clothing) is printed on the surface of the object with glue squeegee. After the bronzing paste dries, the gold foil is buckled on the surface of the fabric , 130 ~ 140 ℃, pressure 4kg / cm 2, time more than 10 ", remove, cool and tear off the waste film.
(2) Flat leather products, the main tool for the aluminum or bronzing gold version, suitable for leather products such as bronzing. Burden pressure is smaller than the fabric, hot stamping time is also shorter than the fabric bronzing, flexible grasp of different products.
(3) Ribbon products hot, commonly used tools: silicone wheels, and more for the trademark ribbon bronzing.
(4) hot cloth products, commonly used in the whole volume of cloth fabric to do bronzing, bronzing effect distinction, the special varieties have hot, general hot. Gold foil paper varieties are generally: full turn film, half turn film. Color roughly: monochrome film, multicolor film.
In addition, the back of gold foil paper, there are also the difference between glue and glue. A plastic (that is, back coated hot melt adhesive) gold foil paper, bronzing is generally more common in leather. Non-plastic gold foil paper, generally used for fabric bronzing, due to the actual production process, the operation more flexible maneuver. Of course, there are also some specific patterns painted hot glue on the back, such as: positioning bronzing. Gilding glue also has water and oily points, for different materials, targeted choice to use. After hot stamping can not be used to wipe bronzing surface, or rubbing fabric. Recommended after 24 hours to do washing test, the best effect. In addition, gold foil paper in the transport and storage process must avoid sun exposure, rain or damp, gold foil paper to the factory, it must be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry area.
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