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dongying tell you how to choose the right hot stamping foil

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1, first understand the product of the substrate. The need to foil the substrate determines the choice of gold foil paper series. Common need to bronzing the plastic substrates are: ABS, PP, PE, PVC (soft and hard), PC, PS, PU, ​​TPR, TPU, race steel, nylon, Bakelite, etc .; Coated paper, plain paper, coated paper, etc.), wood (whether painted or wood), leather, garment printing, and the like.
2, the use of hot stamping process and the use of different versions. Flat-hot, hot-rolled; According to the use of different versions of the metal plate, rubber version.
3, bronzing area size. Mainly due to the release of gold foil paper from the different levels of elastic, so the size of the bronzing area is very important for the choice of gold foil paper, gold foil paper can be divided into fine gold foil, small area, large area, full area hot stamping Wait
4, different speed stamping. Whether the use of automatic high-speed machine (where the high-speed machine is not commonly referred to as pneumatic automatic, pneumatic automatic in fact are semi-automatic machine), semi-automatic machine, hand machine and other hot stamping.
5, the choice of brightness and color. Only after the above six conditions are satisfied, finally select the gold foil brightness and color. In general, the brightness of the aluminum foil is higher than that of the powder foil. The brightness of the aluminum oxide is higher than that of the aluminum foil. The thickness of the gold foil is higher than the thickness of the gold foil.
6, hot stamping requirements. After the bronzing need to be printed (including machine printing, fuel injection, etc.).
7, indoor or outdoor products used in the product. Indoor use of products such as cosmetic bronzing is also demanding.

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