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copper foil paper hot stamping foil for kinds of cardboard,

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Product Description

copper foil paper hot stamping foil for kinds of cardboard, paper paper hot stamping foil

Material: PET

Thickness: 12micron, 15micron, 16 micron, 18micron,,20micron, 25micron

Length: 120m-8000m

Width: 640mm

Substrates for stamping: paper, plastic, textile

Color: black, red, silver, green, white, transparent, and so on.

Normal packing: 640mm*120m*12micron, or according to your requirements.

Weight: 1.7kgs

Larger size: 640mm*240m/640mm*360m

Packing: Each roll wrapped by PE bag, 10 rolls in a carton;

Net weigh: 1.5KG/roll

Gross weight: 1.8KG/roll;

Carton Size: 0.66m*0.32m*0.145m=0.031 CBM 

Largest size: 1.27m*3000m; 1.5m*3000m, 1.5*6100m

Supply ability:2000Rolls of standard size per day

The minimum quantity ordered: 1 color 1 roll , cartons in total

Application: our products are widely used on paper, wood, pencil, ABS hard plastic, the wine box, the cosmetic box, greeting card, textile, PVC, top or medium tobacco labels, the Christmas gift, the industrial art, the festival handicraft and so on.

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Holographic Foils
-textile Printing
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-Gold and silver
-Super diffuser
-Paper packaging
-Food packing
-Colorful foils
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-Medical applications
-Double-side foil
-scratch off foil 
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-Leather Foils
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