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Heat Transfer Printing Film Black Aluminized Hot Stamping Fo

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Heat Transfer Printing Film Black Aluminized Hot Stamping Foil for License Plate
We offer free samples andwould you kindly pay the courier?  We are glad if you offer express account of you or your company.
Every foil should be tested if you and you company has never used this products. Especially for those who try to use it for strange material.
We are looking forward to your discovery of new application.
About customization

We can costomize according to your requirements of  designs and costs. For small rolls (64cm or 75cm wide, 120 meter long), MOQ is 50 rolls. For Jumbo rolls (1.4m,1.5more than 1000 meter long ), MOQ is 1 roll. 

To customize the design or color we don't have , we need to make hot stamping die, make sample, ask customers to check the sample, which often need to modify more than once. It takes time to make the foils perfect.


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