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toner-reactive foil factory in CHina

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toner-reactive foil

Beautifully crafted handmade stationery never goes out of style, even in this age of electronic communications. We created six quick projects to show you just how easy it is to make your own. Use them for personalized note cards, to say thanks to friends and coworkers, or as an especially thoughtful gift. The possibilities are endless. It’s not complicated to embellish your own cards. A simple way to get started is with a plain, high quality boxed stationery set or solid cardstock and envelopes. These provide the perfect blank canvas for your creativity. 

Dress up cards with a variety of techniques such as paper cutting, hand painting or applied embellishments, including paper appliqués. Envelopes can be lined with decorative art paper.

Scrapbooking embellishments, sewing notions and all-inclusive kits offer quick and easy ideas for decorating cards. Options include sequins, buttons, beads, bits of dried flowers or leaves, ribbons and felt cutouts. 

Kits help showcase a method and usually have all the items needed. The flocking transfer kit used for the “Heartfelt” card, below, includes the heart and other designs that serve a variety of tastes and occasions. 

Hand applied designs may be done in pencil, pen, marker or they may be painted on. Stamps and ink pads have been around for years and still offer good options for customizing cards. 

Use downloadable templates to make designing cards super easy. Some templates have a dedicated space to add your name. The links to download the templates are with the instructions, below

NOTE: when printing templates, be sure that your printer settings page scaling is set to "none" and that it prints at 100%.


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