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9 core strengths
foil the leading domestic manufacturers.

Chief engineer start to research and development and production of aluminum, gold foil paper, foil stamping, fabric foil, gold paste Foil, transfer film, from 1995 who is experienced.

Washable fabric gold foil paper and double-sided gold foil the leading domestic manufacturers.

Serving tens of thousands of customers, including Midea, TCL, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, China Mobile, Hongtashan, Furong Wang, days of blue, Nike, Adidas, pure and so on.

One-stop R & D manufacturer

can provide professional and technical services (including telephone communication, photo analysis, if necessary, to the enterprise site to solve

Product cost-effective, compared to foreign products of the same quality lower prices, relative to the quality of domestic products and more

can customized for customers to develop special products or special customers with the exclusive development of products.

a strong R & D team backing

a strong R & D team backing, improve the detection means and advanced testing equipment for protection.

Continuous innovation, has developed a gold foil adhesion on UV excellent, low-halogen series gold foil paper, PP / PE plastic Material with gold foil paper, brushed bronzing paper, washable fabric fabric gold foil paper, double-sided gold foil, water transfer bronzing Paper, glass gold foil paper, gold foil mosaic paper, paint foil and other 10 patents, other innovative products continue more

some types of product quality has reached the level of imports of similar products.

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Custom process
hot stamping Foil manufacturers
hot stamping Foil manufacturers
hot stamping Foil manufacturers

Dongguan Dongying Laser Technology Co., Ltd. as the first domestic gold foil paper industry manufacturers, to provide you with a new hot stamping paper, hot cloth gold foil paper, glass gold foil paper, plastic gold foil paper products, such as the market and quotes; quality and cost-effective High gold foil paper, is to provide customized business, wholesale all kinds of high-quality gold foil paper of the service manufacturers. Dongying Laser Technology is a high-tech e……

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